schoonheid in verlies

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/ schoonheid in verlies / is more than just a book, it's a testament to the beauty in loss and the strength of the human spirit - a celebration of life, and a tribute to the enduring beauty found even in our deepest sorrows - this book is an offering of solace and a companion to hold onto when needed

drawing inspiration from the Italian practice of displaying obituary notices on the streets, I opted for a strong, bold font for the titling and names. Each story in the book starts with the name of the departed leaving white space in between for reflection, for pause, for slowing down - this concept of pausing, creating space, and encouraging a slower pace became the underlying theme of the entire book

client : veronique sneyaert
autor : veronique sneyaert
art direction / book design : elke treunen
photography : joke timmermans

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